Reasons why I keep losing my temper with my toddler

As much as I wanted to avoid it, I could not help but lose my temper with my 2.5 year-old toddler.

She strive for autonomy and yet she can be so needy at the same time.

She will (defiantly) proceed to do the things I ask her not to.

I had tried time-outs; but her meltdowns during these time-outs could last more than 30 minutes and they are wearing me out. Now, whenever she does something I disapprove of, I would just pretend it was no big deal instead of saying “No, don’t do that” to prevent her from performing the action on repeated mode. Of course, if it is something dangerous, it would be stopped.

My toddler cannot sit in her chair and will want to get out in the middle of a meal. She will start roaming around and the meal gets unfinished.

She loves to snatch the toys of her brother. Even if she has the EXACT same toy, she will find the toy her brother is playing with more appealing. Hence, fights between the two siblings is a constant.

She is not afraid of wandering away from us when we are out. She would expect us to follow behind her. There is no concept of a big bad wolf lurking to eat little red riding hood.

Dear Lord, please help me. I keep having angry outburst towards my children. I really want to know how to teach my children in an authoritative manner and in a way that they will be obedient. I want them to grow up to be wholesome and good adults. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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